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Village Market

We are excited to invite vendors and artisans from East Central Alberta and Edmonton to participate in the 2017 Ukrainian Village Marketplace! Our goal for the 2017 Markets is to showcase a broad range and the best hand made products from East Central Alberta as well as products that complement the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village experience.


May 22 –Celebration of Spring

Welcome to the new season with one of Alberta’s largest Ukrainian dance extravaganzas and celebration of spring. Over 500 dancers and their families attend this event as well as a large number of visitors to the site.


June 25 – Vintage Day

Start the summer season with a display of vintage cars and displays of vintage clothing and crafts. On a sunny day over 1500 have attended in past years!


August 13 – Ukrainian Day

A celebration of all things Ukrainian past and present, this day recognizes the rich tapestry of Alberta’s Ukrainian community today.! Vendors who make their own Ukrainian themed products will be very welcome!


August 27– Friends’ Ukrainian Music Fest

Celebrate traditional and contemporary Ukrainian-Canadian music with a live concert featuring the region’s most popular bands and singers. This is an extremely well attended event!

September 10 – Harvest of the Past

One of the best harvest events in Canada will take visitors back to Alberta’s agricultural roots. Besides our regular vendors, those who have harvest food items, especially value added food products are invited to attend.

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Rules and Regulations