DinerA popular destination at the Village is the Village Diner which serves a variety of burgers (beef, bison, kubi and veggie) hot dogs, fries, hard ice-cream, ice-cream floats and deep fried pyrohy with salsa and sour cream! Located in the patio north of the Red Barn, the Village Diner is the perfect place to end your visit. If you are looking for a gluten free option, ask for your burger to be served on a salad instead of a bun!

Village Diner Menu 2016


Deep Fried Pyrohy w. sour cream & salsa – 6 for $6.00

Large Fries – $5.00

Hot Dog – $4.00 

Kid’s Meal, hotdog and small fries – $6.00

Burger (Beef, Bison, Kubi or Veggie) on a Bun or Salad – $8.00 (with cheese $9.00) 

Combo Plate, burger, small fries and a drink  – $11.00 (with cheese $12.00)

Hard Ice Cream

1 scoop $3.00

2 scoop $5.50

Ice Cream Float – $7.50 


Water (bottle), Pop (can), Coffee, Tea – $2.50

Condiments: sauerkraut, onions, fried onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, relish

Food Services are administrated by the Friends of the Ukrainian Village Society. We are proud to support local farmers and producers!

Profits from Food Services are redirected to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village in support of enrichment, education and programming.